Wednesday, December 24, 2008

the columbus hoo-haa

well i recently went to columbus, ohio with my mom and lockett. I have flown many times with harrison and i knew the drill but i was a little nervous about flying for the first time with lockett. but not too nervous, he is SUCH a laid back baby that i kinda knew in my heart that it would be okay-though with my boys, i rule NOTHING out. so, i planned well, packed everything i could possibly need and much i didnt or probably would ever need. we left thursday night. we drove to houston to fly out and at the airport we were delayed (of course) about an hour, then we took off and flew straight to columbus. we landed about 12 midnight. lockett- a true champion- never cried, was so calm and PERFECT. when we laid down that night in the hotel i felt like i could relax, alittle. we got up friday, did our deal, and lockett- again, perfect. saturday we got up, hit the flea market, and i began to get alittle nervous about a sound i was hearing more and more frequently from my little lockett. he sounded like he was grunting. i kept my eye on him and over the next several hours i started to get increasingly worried. he wasnt crying but was turning red and huffing and grunting. i thought, constipated. not a HUGE ordeal and definately i have handled this predicament before. i asked mom if we could pull over so i could check on the "progress". I opened the diaper and gasped. i realized we had a major problem. i told mom we needed intervention. she suggested some medicine -i'll let you all guess about what kind- so we headed to walgreens. we found the -medicine- and i attempted the intervention. attempted. i couldnt make it work. mom said, "move over. sissy. i'm gonna do this." ha. she TRIED. she then states, "we have a situation. we need a hospital". we look up and see a children's hospital about a block away. we head over and find they have an urgent care. we head straight to it. at this point my sweet , happy, never a care in the world, laid back baby, is SCREAMING. i have never heard these sounds come from him before. at the urgent care desk the lady gets all the info and says it'll be AWHILE. about a 2 hour wait. at this point my tears start to fall. the lady looks at me and her face softens. she says, "well, maybe we can move you up..." i take a seat and wait. one hour later we are called back to what i call the 2nd waiting room. the tiny doctor's room. now lockett is sounding like a wounded animal. my tears are still coming silently. i cant console my precious little lockett. FINALLY, the doctor comes in and says, "what's going on?" i say, "he's constipated." she says, "did he scratch his eye ball?". i say, "no, ....what? no. he's constipated." she says, "are you sure he didnt scratch his eye?" at this point i am SO confused. i turn him around to face me and i look and i see nothing to indicate an eye injury and i said, "no, he's CONSTIPATED. the TRAIN'S TOO BIG AND THE TUNNEL'S TOO SMALL!" she says calmly, "yes, i understand, but babies dont cry like that over constipation." I say, "LOOK IN HIS DIAPER". she smiles and takes lockett into her arms and lays him down and calmly opens his diaper. her smile disappears and she says,"i need another doctor" and promptly leaves the room. my mom and i stare at each other. she comes back, this time a little more confident and armed with the largest tube of KY you have ever seen and gloved up. she proceeds to "extract" the offending "train" and states, "that's the worst impaction i've ever seen". then i pick up my precious little lockett and as i go over directions with the doctor i look down and lockett has fallen fast asleep. so, the rest of the trip went quickly and without further incident. and my lockett continues to be the best travel companion. even though we had quite the hoo-haa.

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