Sunday, December 21, 2008

harrison's first 5 pounder

So, this is harrison's first large catch. he and his dad went out to aaron's land to "bump around" -drive all over in a crazy fashion in 4 wheel drive- and look at cows. dont ask me, i dont get it. BUT it does give me a few minutes at home with only one baby. SO i am ALWAYS voting for "bumping around". well, on this trip aaron and tim and harrison decided to throw in a line to see if anything was biting. harrison used his lightening mcqueen fishing pole and look what came back. tim said harris squealed in delight and the fish was kind enought to jump straight up in the air and give a good fight so that harris could experience the best fishing catch EVER. so, yes, the fish weighed 5 pounds and it was caught with the lightening mcqueen rod. the picture was taken with a cell phone -thanks aaron- and is now proudly displayed and shown to everyone by a very proud dad.

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