Saturday, December 6, 2008

well, i have avoided the whole blog world for a long time but now, it seems, i have jumped in. i do this for my family. i am fiercely private, not on purpose, it just seems i default to that. and, by their very nature blogs are anti-private. but i am using this as an opportunity to grow and learn to be more open. like i said this is for my family, primarily because i am not sure who else will really be interested in the daily going-ons of the suel house, but also because the suel encampment is scattering to the winds and i want a place to keep everyone together. i feel like a mother goose who is loosing her flock and i am desperately trying to keep everyone close. with dale and kathy possibly moving to new york and chris, jamie, and crew moving to africa, its going to be hard to stay informed of going-ons. so, with a very monumental effort, i will post our news here and try with all that i have to be not so private and let others keep up with whats happening in our very wonderful, albeit, bizarre world.

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