Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Lockett 6 months old. 1-21-09

My precious little lockett. he is just so very different than harrison. it's been a joy to watch two completely different personalities and BODIES come from the same two people. God is so good. here are a few little known facts about my lockett.

His name comes from my dad's family (EVERYONE always asks). The name lockett was the maiden name of a lady who married into the hadden family and from then on there was always a boy named lockett in the family until recently. the name disappeared and tim and i decided to bring it back. lockett's middle name is ray. tim's middle name. tim's dad's middle name. tim's dad's dad's middle name...... you get the picture.

Lockett was born early. a little over a month early because i was having serious heart problems. i was put on bed rest (total torture-you wouldnt think so, but it is) for a few weeks to try to keep lockett healthy, happy and INSIDE me. i went in for a regular visit (my one reason to get out of bed) on tim's birthday, july 21. it was supposed to be a check up because i was about a month away from my due date. the doctor realized my heart was in more trouble and it was affecting lockett. we went straight to have the c-section. on tim's birthday. lockett was born and was in a bit of respiratory distress and his blood pressure was struggling (probably because i had been on beta blockers for my heart). they took him to the NICU and took me to have sonograms and cat scans for heart and blood clot problems. i was fine except livid that i couldnt be with lockett. i just shut my eyes and prayed with fervor for lockett to be okay. i dont think i opened my eyes once during all the testing. several hours later they wheeled me in (on my bed) to see lockett in the NICU. i was only able to touch his foot. he was still struggling, on oxygen, and had doctors all over him. the neonatalogist assured me he would be okay. they drugged me a bit and wheeled me to my room. i passed out. tim paced the halls praying that lockett would make it. i was awoken 24 hours later and wheeled once again to see lockett. this time i held him and nursed him. wires and all. he was so little. the time went to fast. the next day when i was wheeled into the NICU to see him the neonatologist was waiting. he was smiling. he said. "can you tell we are all breathing easier? no texas children's hospital for this guy. he's really improved." my heart just lept out of my body. i felt like i could breath. then i panicked. the gravity of his situation settled on me. it's funny how i didnt really feel the weight of it until we were out of the woods. God's never ending grace.


tim in the nicu getting news.


my family, tim's family, our entire homegroup, and several precious friends from grace gathered to pray. and wait.

lockett has grown EVERY day since! he's HUGE, happy, and perfectly healthy. he is 6 months old now and laughs, squeals, rolls all around, and is very close to crawling. everyday i just marvel at him. he is sooo very happy. he always has a smile ready for you. i've even seen him smile at me while he was crying. he just couldnt help himself. :)


lockett 2 weeks old.

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