Tuesday, January 13, 2009

pieces of conversations from my week

harris: “mom, what’s that on the wall?”
me: “it’s a cross”
harris: “because jesus died?”
me: “well, yes, jesus died on a cross.”
harris: “so we can go to heaven? And play with all the kids up there?”
me: “yes, baby.”

harris: “why is shipley’s donuts over the bridge?”
me: “because they built it there.”
harris: “the new one?”
me: “yes.”
harris: “because you said so?”
me: *smile*

harris: “mom, change me”
me: “WHAT??! Are you serious?you didn’t….”
harris: “yes, i did. Are you angry?”
me: “yes.”
harris: “i love you. now are you angry?”

harris: “why is our baby screaming?”
me: “because he’s teething”
harris: “what?”
me: “he’s getting new teeth. i gave him medicine. and kissed him. he’ll stop screaming soon.”
harris: “oh, you are such a good mom”

me: “why is he crying? what did you do?”
harris: “i bit him.”
me: “WHAT? you bit him? where? how? why!!?”
harris: “on his finger. It just looked good.”
me: “new rule. Never bite your brother.”
me: “how hard did you bite him? Like really, really hard or sorta hard?”

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TheLudlows said...

Oh my gosh! I love it! Harris is too funny!