Friday, January 23, 2009

playing with friends

living in college station has been tough. i originally came here to go to school. like everyone one else here. i met tim here and we got married and we just never left. we've grown to love it here but it's tough. people come and go so much. i realize we live in a college town and every 4 years (okay- 5 for some-) we get a whole new crop of friends. and we lose a huge group of friends. but it's not just the college students. it seems as though this town also runs off our precious not college friends too. the merrymans, the redwines, the jameses, boozer, the parents-in-law, the brother and sister-in-law, i could go on and on. all day. i've seen so many friends leave that i think i want to start some kind of "state your intent" rule before becoming close friends. what are your intentions here in college station? do you plan to stay long term? what is your commitment level to staying here? i think if people answer those questions we can then determine our level of friendship. i am sort of kidding. i have been blessed with many friends but it is so painful to constantly be saying goodbye. all of this to say, today at our playgroup (the picture is from playgroup today), i was with a couple friends who i am so glad are here. they seem to be long term but as i drove away, i was struck with a fear, what if they leave too? then a settling thought. "we have eternity together. this life is but a blink." i am so glad that some of you guys have been a part of my blink.

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