Saturday, January 10, 2009

seriously though...

when i saw this picture my first thought was whoa! what happened to my baby boy?! then i got scared. i realized i married a musician who in turn will probably make musician kids. tim has been pushing hard to get harrison a drum set and i have been pushing right back, thinking,

1. i am "noise sensitive"
2. musicians can SOMETIMES run in a strange crowd
3. artists are moody (speaking from experience)
4. i am "noise sensitive"

but, as i watch my precious baby growing up and grabbing every available guitar, drum stick, or djembe, and in the car constantly saying, "song please! song please! louder mom!!" i am slowly beginning to realize i am not sure i can prevent the inevitable. so, i am opting to tell myself (and pray with fervor) that my boys will be worshippers (not just musicians) and when i am walking around with ear muffs on to drown out the noise, just know, as strange as it looks, i am sacrificing comfort (as all moms do) so my boys can be worshippers.

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