Thursday, February 19, 2009

another day

this post doesnt have some wonderful redeeming moral or point. its just a funny story. but for those of you who know me well, you'll say to yourself, yep. a typical "tara day". for those of you who dont know me well, heres just another day in my crazy life.
i went to tyler this week because i go once a month to be an accountant. one of the many hats i wear. i stay with my parents when i am there. during my visit i went to run errands with my mom. i had my two boys in my car in the backseat. they were, of course, securely strapped into their car seats. my parents live in a gated restricted estate community in the country. everybody knows everybody and all their business. as we drove up into my parents front circular driveway there was a woman walking down the road in front of my parents house. she had 7 large dogs with her. unbelievably, my mom did not know her. in this neighborhood everyone lets their dogs roam free. well the dogs were just roaming crazy. they were in my moms driveway, in her yard, in her flower bed. we drove up and got out of the car and my mom hollered at the woman to please get her dogs out of the yard because we were trying to get our kids out of the car. i mean, we couldnt even move- the dogs were all over us. as we had gotten out of the car i had left my driver side door open and my mom had left her door open. before we could react, one of the 120 pound sheep dogs had leaped into my car and headed for the backseat. i panicked and ran for the back door. i jerked the door open just in time to see the sheep dog about to stand on locketts face. i grabbed the dog and his hind legs and lifted with all my strength to keep him from scratching locketts face to pieces. the dog was enormous and his face was in harrisons face. harrison LOST it. he began screaming. as did my mom. my mom began some native american dance around my car screaming, "the babies, the babies, the babies!!!!" i yelled, "LADY! GET YOUR DOG OUT OF MY CAR!!!", as i held on for dear life to lockett. and let me tell you, a rage took over me. it was a holy momma rage. i was about to tear that dog limb from limb to save my babies. my mom got a hold of herself and with lightening speed unlatched harrison's flailing and screaming body and dragged him from the car. the lady was calmly walking over to the car. I finally was able to release the latch on the seat belt to get locketts car seat free and i pulled him out of the car. the dog was STILL IN THE CAR. the lady had FINALLY made her way to my side of the car. and, i admit it. i yelled at her, "GET YOUR DOG OUT OF MY CAR!!!". she calmly said, "honey, you dont need to be afraid of my dogs."
okay. seriously. i cannot communicate the level of my rage. again, in momma-rage mode, i yelled at the top of my lungs, "LADY. I AM NOT AFRAID OF YOUR DOGS. YOUR. DOG. WAS. STANDING. ON. MY. BABY'S. FACE!!!!!!". at this point the dog had gotten out of my car and she just looked at me and said, "i'll just stand here and let you say whatever it is you feel you need to say."
i was speechless. for about one nanosecond. she DID NOT want me to say what i wanted to say. so i yelled. "lady," and i motioned at all the dogs with my hands, "THIS is not healthy!"
i grabbed my babies and went into the house. i still wanted to tear the dogs into pieces. but more than that, i didnt get the lady's attitude. i mean. let me say this. everyone has off days. i get that. but in most cases, if you are the offender on one of those days, remorse goes a LONG way. had there been ANY remorse, or sorrow, or any hint that my child's FACE was important, it would've been a different story. so, maybe there is a moral here. i dont think i will easily forget this day. and i pray, that on the days that i am the offender -and there will be many- i PRAY i remember this day and show a little humility.

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rsbg said...

I can only imagine the rage you felt watching that dog on your child... Thank GOD he wasn't hurt. The whole story is enfuriating... but picturing your Mom doing a native dance around the Suburban screaming "the babies the babies the babies"... I can sooooo see that happening! And I have to admit your description cracked me up (native indian dance). I am sooooo glad your children were ok, and darn that woman for being so complacent with her dogs... that makes me mad, thinking about your poor kids...