Thursday, February 26, 2009

just the two of us

today was a bit disorienting for me. i was a mom for only one baby today. tim's cousin died this week and her funeral was in Camden, Arkansas. tim, his mom, and harrison drove up last night to attend the funeral and see family. after my last road trip/hotel stay with lockett, i have decided it would be best not to travel with both kids for a while. at least until my Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from that trip begins to fade.
but, i was left here with only one child. and my predominate thought?? what was i thinking when i thought ONE was hard? I remember, when harrison was a bitty baby, thinking that having one baby was hard. HA! i laugh at that now. what did i do with all that free time? one baby! but having only one child to take care of has been wonderful, easy, and we have had such sweet bonding time. i have pretty much been at locketts beck and call and he hasnt known what to do with me. he seems to be a lost sheep wondering around from room to room in his walker. he must be missing his fearless leader. with as much cheek smashing, body squishing, and karate chopping as lockett endures, he sure seems to miss his brother.


rsbg said...

I bet you loved that one on one time!

Angie Daniel said...

Don't know if you remember me from GBC nursery or not, but just got connected to your page through Uptons page....saw Tim has family in Camden do I...just wondeing if we're kin folks! Is he from there?

Anyways, really random town that you don't just see everyday!

We're on the other side of the world now, with TAMU-Q

Hope you are good...see you've added another precious munchkin! What blessings!

angie daniel