Monday, February 23, 2009


occasionally, harrison and i will be sitting down working on something and have some very sweet time together. again, occasionally. well, recently harrison and i had this conversation:
harrison said, "mom, i really think you are a beautiful girl."
i said, "thank you harrison. and i think you are a really smart boy."
he said, "i love you. will you marry me?"
i smiled, "harrison, i am already married."
his smile disappeared and he said, "oh. when?"
i said, "i married your dad. about 10 years ago."
harrison said, "really? well, was i there?"
I said, "no."
harrison smiled and said," i know. i was in your belly, right?"
I said, "no baby. you werent. your dad and i got married because we love each other and then we had you."
harrison said, "well, i guess that's okay."

here is some sweet "talk time" we had together while "arting" :)


The White House said...

Hey Tara, Just found your blog through your FB page. Hope y'all are well... what a sweet conversation!

The White House said...

Oh, it's Tyne White, btw!

rsbg said...

what a precious conversation!!!!