Monday, February 9, 2009

my sand and waves...

this week has been tough. everyone is sick but me. as i type with a headache, scratchy throat and some funk in my chest that is ungodly. even if i allowed myself to think i was sick, how does one go about taking time off from babies? 'cause if theres an answer, SIGN ME UP. i see other women out there joyfully serving hot tea to their sick husbands laid out on the recliner. but all i wanna do is scream, get you own dang tea! i wish i had that patience. i wish i had that servant heart.
late last night, as i worked furiously at my business (at home) and everyone else was tucked safely away in their beds, i swallowed the jealously like a lump of coal in my throat and exhaustedly laid my head down on my hand-me-down kitchen table (thanks liz). the coolness felt good to my forehead. and i caught a glimmer of something shiny out of the corner of my eye. it was a piece of sea glass. i have a basket on my table thats full of the shiny pieces of treasures. immediately in my storm of exhaustion and frustration, that tiny piece of broken abused tossed out glass brought an instant smile to my face.
ive often been asked why i collect the broken pieces of glass and there are so many things that come to my mind when i am asked that. but what brought the smile to my face last night was the memories. the memories of scuttleing (its a word. i think.) down an embankment to get to the maine shore to collect the pieces. the laughter and excitement when a great piece was found. the memory of aaron fantasizing that the piece he just found came from a pirate wreckage. the fun of watching my family all love the maine coast and time together. i remember laughing as tim instead of sticking to the task at hand, began skipping rocks in ever increasing sizes. :) and harrison eating rocks as a baby and us wondering if the tide was coming in and how much time we had before our car parked on the sand BAR of BAR harbor would be under water in the atlantic. those little broken pieces of discarded trash brought such joy and memories and literally provided a pick me up when i needed it so badly.
thanks god, for such beautiful creations. only god would take broken shards of glass that were littered into the ocean and have the ocean and sand carve them into shiny jewels. kinda like us.

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rsbg said...

t, i LOVE this! there are so many places i want to visit, maine being one of them... and the memories you have, the fun times, the opportunities, they just make me smile. (and make me want to go even more!)