Friday, February 6, 2009

pigs. seriously.

so alot of you know i dont like meat. i dont like to eat it, look at it, touch it, or even think about it. its not a religous view, spiritual issue, or crusade. maybe it comes from growing up in a veterinarians house. always SAVING the animals. not eating them. or maybe it comes from following the chicken trucks to work for 2 years. i still am not sure what the fluid was that came from the chicken truck and splattered all over my car. maybe i dont want to know. whatever the reason, meat grosses me out.
then theres tim. its isnt a meal without meat. breakfast. meat. lunch. meat. dinner. meat meat. i have learned to deal. cook it, and shove it aside on my plate.
well, recently tim has become obsessed (thats not a poorly chosen or exaggerated word-OBSESSED) with pigs. hunting them, watching them, tracking them, baiting them. you name it. wild hogs in texas are prolific, nasty, and destructive. and tim thinks its a good idea to hunt them and bring the meat home. which he does successfully(unfortunately). and harrison is LOVING it. he loves to go out and track them down and come home telling me all about it. but a 3 year old knows few boundaries. here is a recent conversation between me and harrison.
"hey mom, what meat is this?" harrison stabs at his lump of carcass on his plate.
i answer, "it's meat. harrison. just eat it."
he says, "yeah, but is it cow, or pig, or chicken?"
tim interrupts. "it's cow, baby. its beef. yummy!" (probably out of fear of my tainting harrison against meat)
i grimace slightly. harrison says, "who killed it? who shot it and cut it up on my plate?"
tim says, "it came from the store." and grins as both he and harrison continually stab their meat and take big bites.
i take my plate to the sink.
underneath it all there is a silver lining. its an easy diet for me. now, if i could just get the enormous bag of m&ms off the counter.

by the way, i am pretty sure thats pig poo hes laying next to.

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rsbg said...

i am with you on the meat... well, almost. i can't touch it and am very picky about it... and i LOVE the pig poo pic! your blog is awesome!