Saturday, February 28, 2009


tim and i have always settled our differences in a very mature, thoughtful manner. rock. paper. scissors. it always seems to settle even the most heated debate. its fair as fair can be. however, with this particular debate, rock, paper, scissors isnt cutting it. So, i thought i can be open minded enough to hear from our friends and family. here is the "discussion" : Tim wants to purchase a rifle. his aurgument is that almost any gun will hold its value (if not increase in value),its not terribly expensive ($400-$500), he'd be able to hunt with it, and, well, he wants it. he also states with our current political circumstances it may get harder to purchase guns. my arugument: I dont think its the right time for a big purchase. In this LEAN time, i think, cash in hand is better. so, i'd rather put the money in savings and have it in case of an emergency. so, we are at a stalemate. we are going to run this voting poll for 1 week. at the end of the week tim and i agree to hold to the voting results. PLEASE only vote once per person. Feel free to add comments as we will definately be interested in hearing for/against comments.
Here is a link to see the gun he wants to purchase.

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storin said...

If you are believing your money will be worth "saving" then I guess you dont believe that we are "monitizing" (printing) all the money for the stimulus bill(s). Your $400 will not be worth squat. Your gun, however will hold it's value. Your "dollars" have no such hope.

joy said...

Well, of course Tim should be allowed!! It is a lot cheaper than a new tv or a dozen new video games. He could be asking for a new truck or something along that line! Besides just think of your list you could make, like babysitting without fussing, doing the laundry, etc, etc. You need to make a good long list!

rsbg said...

He could be asking for a MOTORCYCLE! :0) I say let him have it... you only live once. (I know, that is soooooo NOT what you wanted to hear!)