Sunday, March 8, 2009

freaked out redneck

everyone is wanting to know......

yes. tim got his gun. not without a lot of hoopla though. BUT i did get all of my front flower beds weeded and mulched! so, maybe i won afterall.

the whole gun thing has brought a really ridiculous obsession with it. even harrison is getting in on it. i have never seen so much camouflage, bullets, and trucker hats nor have i ever heard so much redneck talk in all my life.

what happened to my artistic, alternative musician?!? he did a bait and switch! now all i've got is a gun totin', camouflage wearin', spittin', redneck. Lord, help me.

oh, and there are pictures of tim with the gun. but i refuse to post them. maybe someday i'll use them for bribing. they are so so so redneck.


Nancy Haynes said...

Come on Tara, post the redneck pictures.

rsbg said...

You are a good wife Tara! I LOVE the little tykes deer stand... ya' know, you could make millions selling that to little tykes! :-) And Tim could buy all the guns he wants! hehehe

Tammy Haynes Cole said...

Tara, you can never have tooooo many guns. Hope this helps Tim. Show me the pics of my cousin going redneck. I find it hard to believe.