Sunday, April 5, 2009

all that and a bag of chips...

Saturday we went to the George Bush library Easter free for all. i dont think thats the actual name but it definitely was a free-for-all. in many fashions. one, everything was free. :) two, it was a HUGE crowd and it put toddler Easter egg hunting into the physical competitive sport category. as my precious friend shay explained the process to her son, "elbow jab, bend, snatch, egg in basket! elbow jab, bend, snatch, egg in basket!"
we had a BLAST though. we got there a bit early and scoped it out. we had a map and we timed everything perfect. you know with tim, everything is a competition. we got some cotton candy first, which harrison hated, then quickly got the grab bag with the coveted (??!) wooden Easter egg (calling it a white house replica is quite a stretch though. i am SURE the white house wooden eggs dont have a huge BTU logo on the front), then registered for the prize drawing, then ran to the Easter egg "push and grab", then HIGH-TAILED it to get pictures with the Easter bunny, then back to listen for the prize giveaways. after they finished calling our kids' age range (or so we thought) we headed for the car and we got into the parking lot and almost to our car when tim and i both heard over the loud speakers, "next winner, Harrison Suel!". Tim was holding lockett who had fallen asleep but that didnt phase tim. he took off at a dead sprint (you have to be present to win), lockett was like a limp rag doll, but he made it in time to collect harrisons rather good prize winnings. they really did a fantastic job at the George Bush Library. I will say it was one of the best things we've done as far as being involved in city sponsored activities. really a wonderful time.

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