Thursday, April 30, 2009

nothing but the truth.....

have you ever had that absolutely sinking feeling in your stomach and you just know something's coming? well, moms--particularly moms of boys-- should pay pretty close attention to that feeling.

today was a special day. we had the kingdom kids mother's day tea. let me say, i think my stomach was in knots because the last kingdom kids mother event was so rough with harrison that i swore off all future program attendance. i came home after that last one and told tim he was on notice, never again would i attend by myself with two boys who were climbing walls. or more specifically UNDER TABLES. but i digress, TODAY i had the mother's day program so i put my big girl pants on and went anyway. AFTER i secured a babysitter for lockett :)

I arrived right on time and the kids came into the room and sang some songs and did a little tribute to moms. it was so sweet. BUT the very first thing they did was the teacher stood up and said, "we asked the kids some questions about their moms and we didnt censor ANY answers." enter sinking stomach.

the teacher began reading all the precious answers about their moms. all the answers were so sweet. the two questions i remember (and you'll see why) were:
1. when is your mom the prettiest?
2. when is your mom the funniest?

there were great answers like: when mom goes to church she is prettiest, and when mom is cooking, she is prettiest. or, when mom dances in the yard she is funniest, or when mom plays pretend with me she is funniest.

listen closely. here are harrison's answers:

so APPARENTLY, I sit around naked, watching tv, drinking starbucks all the time. nice. and the WHOLE church now knows. the truth is out. :)

heres a picture of harrison at the table where we sat together:

i had a great time anyway, harrison made me a potted plant and even with all the funny answers, i am the LUCKIEST mom on planet earth. thank you harrison! i love you. :)

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rsbg said...

buahahahahahaha i LOVE that kid! while i'm waiting for the video to load, i can see the look of judgment in the teacher's eyes before they read his answers! haha that is great tara!!!!