Sunday, April 19, 2009


for some strange reason i have these... well, markers, in my mind that i cant wait for. markers, moments in my life that i assume will happen and i get so excited when i see them happen. my college graduation, my wedding, the whole bunk bed thing..... i had seen those days in my mind for years then, suddenly, there it was, the day came. well, another marker happened this week. my boys taking a bath together. now, to clarify, i had put both boys in the tub at the same time once before but lockett wasnt able to sit up yet and it was a bit preemptive. this week, lockett was sitting in the tub and harrison came in and was striping before i realized it and was freaking out to get in the tub also. so i let him in and right before my eyes was another marker. my boys were PLAYING in the tub together. the markers are so bittersweet. the sweetness, that God allows me each and every one of the moments i've had so far. the bitterness, time is flying by. with the passing of each marker i realize just how quickly that marker came and now consequently is gone. here is my marker picture:

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