Thursday, April 9, 2009


every month i make a trek to tyler, texas. one of my many jobs requires that i go there every month. but i was born and raised in tyler and i get to see my parents every month but more importantly, my parents get to see the grandbabies when we come. last night i laid in bed with harrison and asked him if he realized that when i was his age i slept in THAT room. the very same room. he asked me if when i was little were there moths in my room. (!?) i said no. we moved on. he asked me if Nina was my mommy. i smiled. i said, "yes harrison. your Nina was my mommy. she fed me lunch, made me dinner, let me play outside, took me to school,... she did all the things mommies do...". i thought it was neat that he got to sleep in our old childhood bed and play in the yard i played in. here is a video of us playing in the yard today. but to be very clear: we DID NOT, i repeat, DID NOT have a power wheels of any kind. nothing battery propelled. it was tess, tara, or stori propelled or it didnt go anywhere. BUT we did and always will have "friendly forest" :)


rsbg said...

Ta, he is sooooo dang cute! And who taught him to drive? He is GOOD! Glad I got to see you today, I miss you.

storin said...

i miss the friendly forest!!