Sunday, May 31, 2009

a huge thank you.....

this weekend was our bass player's birthday. daniel plays bass with tim and for his birthday he invited all of the band out for dinner. thats quite an undertaking in many different ways. :) we went out to his house and it was GORGEOUS. i mean seriously. amongst many incredible pieces of furniture, a solid marble table and marble chairs, and a who knows what and how, INCREDIBLE carved wood coffee table, that i am very sure lockett was eyeing to use as a teething chew toy.

they served some seriously amazing food. it was really nice to have all the band members together sitting down talking and eating and not playing or busy working.

the boys came with us- harris LOVES daniel and was excited to go to his "birthday party". harrison got to feed the fish, help blow out candles, LOVED the noodles and spring rolls, and had a really great time. tim and i played "pass the baby" with lockett the whole time because i just knew lockett would urp on or chew some priceless heirloom passed down for centuries. nope, we werent going to give him the slightest edge.

here are a few pictures i snapped while juggling babies. daniel, very nice. thank you.

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