Monday, May 18, 2009

camp nana and pawpaw...

its been a while since i posted and theres a good reason. i have been traveling. occasionally my business requires me to travel and in may i have to go to Massachusetts. this year was different though, since my in laws moved to New York i decided to take the boys to new york and leave them at "camp Nana and Pawpaw" while i drove on to Massachusetts.

We flew up to buffalo and let me tell you, harrison and lock both did great but holy jeeze! lockett is like a bear and i wrestled with him the entire flight. i felt like i had gone 10 rounds straight up WWF style. we got to buffalo and nana and pawpaw picked the boys up at the airport and i got a rental car and drove on to massachusetts.

in massachusetts i worked my tail off, it was probably the hardest week of work since i started this business. the weaker economy was really showing. after the first day working, i got back to the hotel and got very very sick. i was worried that i wouldnt make it back to texas on a plane with two boys! the next morning was bad but better so i bucked up and went back to work. i worked all day and again, sick that night. but the next day, after working part of the day, i drove "the 90" back to buffalo and picked up my boys. nana and pawpaw had kept the boys so happy and they were having a blast!

we stayed with nana and pawpaw saturday and got to see Niagara falls. all i can say is -wow. its funny, saturday was me and tims 10 year anniversary and i was at the falls by myself! thats totally on par for my life. a great milestone to celebrate, i get to niagara falls and my husband isnt there! :)

we spent the night with nana and pawpaw, then got up early and flew back sunday.

overall, i am EXHAUSTED, but we had a good time. sickness aside, it was a good, productive trip. but i am SO glad to be back in the south! no offense to those from the north, but we southerners do things a bit differently and quite frankly- i like it-. i struggled all week with a MONSTER little (big) boy and a QUICK 3 year old and i coulda been on fire and folks woulda (and did) walk around me up north. the second i got back into texas, i was struggling with a stroller on a shuttle and a sweet guy JUMPED up and picked up the entire stroller (lockett and all) and walked him off the shuttle and offered more help. he was a God send, and i was so happy to be back in the south!

here are some pictures from our trip.

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