Sunday, May 3, 2009

our week....

this week has been a bit crazy. we've been super busy. i guess every year during April and May things ramp up and get wild. We've been dealing with little lockett being sick. he's had a few issues we've had to address. one was a bacterial infection in his throat. UGH! poor guy- one issue we will keep under wraps for his sake but trust me when i say it is PAINFUL and sad. he's being the sweet goodhearted trooper he always is though.
best part of this week has to be my sweet husband. he has launched the official "tara week". I have been tired and overwhelmed with motherhood lately and my precious husband noticed. he took action and every night this week he has planned something for me that i love. he has gone above and beyond every night to have SOMETHING for me that relaxes me, feeds me, and ministers to me. a couple of the things he's done has been have my most precious friends over to eat out on our deck and sit around and talk until the wee hours. he's been in overdrive taking the kids off my hands and he even -get this- took me and both my sisters out dewberry picking. ALL DAY. he drove us around in his 4wheel drive truck and chauffeured us around while we gave the orders. i mean, he even sat in the truck with lockett and kept him happy. how was i so blessed!?
we've had a good week and here are a few of the pictures.

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