Friday, June 12, 2009

My plan during our month long trek across New York and Maine was to post occasionally on our blog to update our families on where we were and how the trip was going. So we brought my laptop and admittedly my lifeline to the cyber world and my business. I know. I am alittle addicted to communication, work and always available news.

New plan. :) because the score, as I see it, is:

Computer-0. Harrison's butt- 1

So, a little heads up. HP seems to have overlooked butt proofing their laptops. What gives HP?

I DO have my iPhone so I can check emails and do some Internet related activities. Though in tiny and frustrating form. :)

Today we are heading to Portland Maine to pick up Aaron for the second time on this trip and my hope is he in all his superpowers and computer genius will somehow resurrect my laptop. :). Wishful thinking I am sure

So, Maine watch out here we come and we are packing a viciously powerful butt weapon.

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