Monday, July 6, 2009

my march...

today i spoke to a very close friend of mine who had a bad mom day. she has started potty training her daughter and is on about day 4. and oh how i feel her pain. i am not sure why she called me though. i have nothing -no advise whatsoever- to offer anyone in this area.

though, i do believe i deserve a medal. or maybe a sash (kinda like a beauty queen one), or maybe a badge. a certificate in the very, very least. not because i was so successful that i should write a book, but because i have the stamina of a stinkin penguin!

why a penguin you ask?? then you didnt see March of the Penguins. those animals are serious! walking all that way for months starving to death. so determined. so isolated.

659 days. thats how long we potty trained. 659. six hundred. fifty. nine. of the longest hardest days of my life. for those who've never potty trained it is unexplainable how potty training can wear you out, and absolutely devastate everything in its path. (carpet, sofas, beds, moms, dads, siblings,....)

its funny. one day you are fine with wiping poop off a bottom, cooing, playing with the baby on the changing table. then magically, one day, the genius decision is made to put hokey, disney-themed, over-priced, underwear on them and suddenly, poop- not so funny anymore.

i have never cried so hard, prayed so long, or been so utterly lost for a solution in all my life. trust me.. therapy, counselors, camp, grandparent drop off, and hired help- all seriously considered.

so friends and family, i now, (Lord, please dont let me regret this) declare, my almost 4 year old is.......POTTY TRAINED.


for those in the midst of the march, hang on. there is an end. i offer no solutions, only the prayer of mom who fully understands the heartache, frustration, fury, and tears.

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Jenny said...

I love the way you tell stories and listening to you talk about potty training the other day not only gave me a great laugh (which I needed) but made me feel better for all the times I've not know the "right" answer. You do deserve a medal or a pretty crown.