Sunday, August 30, 2009

Dearest Harrison,

Today you are four years old. I can hardly believe it. you have grown up SO much. you have grown into a sweet loving little boy who i enjoy spending time with. your sense of humor is incredible (i think you inherited that from me :) and i love how your mind works. you are a thinker and so very smart.

things that you love right now are: robots, transformers, the movie BOLT, your cousins, the BOUNCE, musical instruments (especially drums!), deetdeet, your little bubby "wocket" or "rocky", and building forts.

some of my favorite memories with you are traveling to maine, watching your eyes light up as you see the ocean, and you really liked Bar Harbor (this year especially cause Campbell came with us), you also loved New York and eating wings at Anchor Bar. (your very favorite food is wings).

i love you and i love who you are growing to be. i cant wait to spend many years together sharing memories and laughing together. harrison, your dad and i are so blessed that God chose us to be your mom and dad. you and lockett are the most valuable things in the world to us.

Happy Birthday Harris. i love you.

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Melissa said...

How Sweet! Have fun with that one! We'll be looking forward to Harrison's debut double concert with Aaron and Tim. :)