Saturday, August 1, 2009

just another day....

i dont have a picture to put with this post and for that i am sorry (to the grandparents) and i am thankful that i dont have a picture to remind me of this day.

I had a project i needed to accomplish. mistake #1.

I worked really hard all day to get everything ready and prepared and perfect for me to accomplish a labor intensive project.

to complete my project i needed to run a quick errand. mistake #2. (there are no quick errands with babies)

i decided it was well within my ability to run to lowes with harris, lockett, and tim in tow. mistake #3.

we went in and not two seconds past the "oh i want that new grill!" isle, we came to the paint section. all i needed was white paint. i assumed it would be quick, easy, not complicated or in need of customer service help. mistake #4.

just as i am finding what i might need, i hear, "momma, i gotta poop." ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!?? tim says, "its ok, i got this. come on harris, lets go find a potty." mistake #5.

so i continue my hunt. i needed 2 cans of a white paint that lowes only had 1 of. ugh. i put the one can in the buggy with lockett. mistake #6.

lockett promptly picks up the large paint bucket and hurls it at the floor. before my horrified eyes i see the bucket hit the floor and paint go in EVERY direction.

i was speechless. customer service help now required. as we wait for help to clean up, "huge paint spill, isle 7" tim and harrison walk up. tim looks shocked. he says "are you serious?! well all i can say is, who was watching the baby??!"

tim stops and leans in and says, "i have poopy underwear in my pocket." i cannot wrap my mind around these words so i search for understanding. Tim says, "yep. harris is going commando and we gotta go." ugh again.

i desperately grab any two cans of white paint and head for the check out. (clean up on isle 7 is occurring with many onlookers).

later that night, about 11pm when we are gathered with friends laughing and talking, tim puts his hand into his pocket and in front of everyone pulls out the forgotten poopy underwear.

this is my life.


TheLudlows said...

Oh My! Just when I think I have a funny story to post- you take the cake! Keep up the March!

kimberly said...

OH MY GOSH! This is the craziest story... thank you for sharing.

joy said...

Well, sweetie, what would you have taken a picture of? the poopy underwear? love ya

Leslie said...

Tara, that is hands down THE funniest story. If we didn't have kids the exact same age, I would be inclined to find the story a little un-believeable. However, after having child 2 vomitting in wal-mart with such impressive force that she gathers an audience while child 1 wanders off and pulls the fire alarm...I can totally laugh and believe your adventure!

Take care and good luck navigating this crazy thing we call life!

The DeVore's said...

laughing out loud as I read this, hilarious!! Miss seeing you.

Tyne said...

Tara! That is one of the greatest stories I have EVER heard... the paint splattering and the poopy underwear in the pocket- HA! That is hilarious