Monday, March 8, 2010

huey helicopter

I recently went to tyler on my monthly treck and it was a very quick trip. On Saturday my sister Tess called me and asked if I wanted to go to the tyler airport with her and her kids to see a B-17 bomber aircraft. My grandfather flew one of these in the war and we were interested in taking a tour of one to see it. They had it on display at the airport. Since Harrison over heard us talking about it, it was a done deal. he was very excited to go. my parents decided since all the grand kids were going to go, they would too.

We got there and saw some incredible airplanes.we got to get inside a b-17 airplane and it was unbelievable. i have a new respect for those pilots! While we were there we saw a Huey Helicopter (the ones used in Vietnam war-no doors open bays). My dad asked if we wanted to ride one. I was a bit surprised and said YES! i would love it. next thing i knew Tess, jonathan, harrison, Super D (my dad), and I were loading up in a helicopter! One with NO doors and (if you ask me) cheesy seat belts! (see my hand firmly grasped on harrison's? it was like that the entire flight. not once did i let go!!):) We took a flight over tyler and it was AWESOME. quiet possibly one of the most incredible things I have ever done. We all had a blast.

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