Monday, March 22, 2010

I never could have imagined......

When i was younger and i let my mind wonder to what my life would look like as a mom, I NEVER would have imagined that i would ever find myself calling our doctor at midnight and asking him how to retrieve a rubber stamp from the furthest regions of my son's nasal cavity. Nor did i imagine myself leaving my beloved baby in the grocery cart at Walmart (this still makes me break out in hives). And I never imagined myself asking the dentist if his teeth would be permantly shoved over to the side because of a fall, or exactly how should we remove our sons head from the chair spindles....

but i think this week takes the I NEVER IMAGINED AWARD.

This week i found myself renting a have-a-heart trap, (thats an ironic name...)spending three nights trying to trap a crazy raccoon, then submitting him to the shelter so they can "pop off his head" (harrison's words) so that it could be tested rabies. yep. rabies.

it all started like this:

We moved. we FINALLY sold our house and found a house we fell in love with. we bought it and with the help of numerous INCREDIBLE friends, we moved out of the old house and into the new house in two days. it was quite a feat. well, after the first few nights we began to notice a very brazen raccoon eating our cats food and strutting his stuff on our new back porch. Scout- my 24 pound cat who is normally very brave- was cowering in the corner. Tim promptly got his BB gun and shot the raccoon, only to have him come back 2 minutes later. Tim harpooned a big stick at him and again, the raccoon didnt care. So, i stepped outside to rescue scout from the corner and when i picked him up i realized my hands were wet. I turned Scout over and realized he'd been attacked. He was chewed up on his chest. I called my dad, we came to the conclusion that the raccoon had to be captured and tested for rabies and my poor sweet Scout now had to be quarantined for 45 days. so, i rented the trap and spent 3 days chasing down a crazy raccoon so i could "submit the head" to be tested. well, as of this morning, he has been "submitted".

Never, Ever, Ever, did i think for one red hot minute that I would be telling my friends that I couldnt come over because I was busy trying to catch a raccoon so its head could be "popped off".

We will be notified of the results by thursday.

So, new mom responsibility: keep babies safe from possibly rabid raccoon.

By the way, we've moved, we love our new house, and we are sooooo blessed to have such amazing friends that helped us move. thanks guys!

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joy said...

Tara, never could I have imagined you would have such an exciting life!