Saturday, July 17, 2010

July. 21st. 2010.

My sweet Rocky. Today is your birthday. You share it with your dad. He and I couldn’t have imagined how much laughter, enjoyment, love, and happiness you would bring to our family. You are a treasure that I cannot even describe. You are a gift from God and I love each minute I have with you. For your birthday we are celebrating with friends and family in our backyard. Two things you love to do are play in the “waaaweee. (water)” and feed the “wucks”. So for your birthday, we splash, we play in the waaaweee and we feed the wucks. We hope you enjoy your birthday and we are so happy you belong with us.
These are some of our favorite moments over the past year with you:

And to the love of my life,
Happy birthday Rayford. You have been everything I ever dreamed I wanted. You are a great dad, an incredible husband, and a gorgeous man. Happy birthday. We love you! And we celebrate with waaawee, wucks, and choochoo quains.  you are a great dad to share your day. And I promise, someday, you’ll get a birthday cake that DOESN’T have a cartoon character on it.

All my love,


cphillips1007 said...

Very sweet! Happy Birthday Lockett and Tim! :)

joy said...

Love you Lockett and Love you too, Tim!