Monday, August 30, 2010

My baby


Happy birthday. Today is your 5th birthday and I cannot believe it has been 5 years! I wanted to share with you just how much you changed my life. The night before I went into the hospital to give birth to you I was so nervous. Not of the pain, not of complications, but of the changes that you would bring to my life. I was so afraid of losing something in my life when I became a mom. Little did I know that my life would begin when you were born. Everything DID change but it changed wonderfully. You have taught me how to serve selflessly, you taught me to love to a degree I had never known. You taught me how God loves us and how He sees us. I never knew love like this. You introduced me to a new incredible world. Seen through different eyes. I treasure every moment with you! I love how you look after your "bubby" and how you are so careful and responsible. I love how you play, how you care for others, how you see the world as God's creation. You are a jewel and you are precious to me.

Happy birthday Harrison!

here's some pictures of your birthday. Oh what fun we had!

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