Friday, December 10, 2010

growing up me

My parents built the house they still live in today, when I was about 5 years old.
I have a few memories of the building process. When the concrete was being poured we made mud pies in the water trough they used and got into big trouble. We were told, "NO MORE MUD PIES!" so, in response we made more mud pies but we were smarter about it. we buried them in the dirt after we made them. funny. we never could find them when we tried....
but thats not what this post is about.

When my parents built the house they put this stove in:
Not sure what led to that decision but its all I ever remember in terms of a stove. I thought thats what everyone had. I remember watching mom cook all our meals on this stove. Yes, even thanksgiving and christmas meals. When we lost power (which was often cause we lived in the sticks) and it was cold, we'd light the stove and sit near it. which was odd because we DID have a fire place.
This stove brings such memories.
I was home for thanksgiving and as we prepared the meal on this stove it struck me how odd it was and how wonderful it was.
i learned to cook on this old stove. I hope my parents never remodel.
Here is a recipe we made countless times on this stove:
that is my memaws INCREDIBLE pound cake. I love the year scribbled on it. 1972. I am sure it was written on this paper as some random note. This recipe is old. and barely legible. but that doesnt matter. I have it memorized. and yet, we pull it out every time. :)
and this one
its my moms famous beans.
in a world where everything is newer and better and faster and bigger and shinier. I really love some of the old things.

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joy said...

How sweet! Tell Tess you don't want us to remodel the kitchen!