Saturday, February 5, 2011

Art Day!

Harrison had his art day at kingdom kids this week. I loved his piece which he titled "lightening".
We had a great time looking at all the art the kids did.

I was intrigued by his imagination with his painting of lightening. I wish i had an inside view of what was in his head. kids are so creative!

look at the one above and left of harrison, the orange and yellow pendulum painting. That student titled it "butterfly". I see it! I probably would've titled it "pendulum painting". cause thats the extent of my imagination. but I was just so blown away by the artistry, imagination, creativity, insight, and beauty.

here is H in 2009 at an art show:

and 2011:

what a change....


Jenny said...

he's grown so much. I'm totally with you on their creativity and can I say what a together mommy that you brought a camera, I totally didn't think about it!

joy said...

He is growing up way toooooo fast! Hey -- we have an artist in the family! Good job Harrison!