Monday, February 28, 2011


The person you are trying to reach is not available....

oh how i wish I could have a recording of that playing on a loop everytime i hear, "momma. momma. momma!"

this week has been one of those weeks. and i. am. tired.

my boys' injury report this week:

a sore back from the slaps incurred from a precious friend saving my oldest sons life who was choking on mongolian beef. the beef came up. the back still sore. but he's alive so we are ok with a sore back!

a severely split lip and a jacked up tooth- good thing its a baby tooth

a pretty bad burn on a tiny finger that has a MONGO blister that looks really painful.

a bead up a nose

a bruised rib cage. on the bright side, the bruised rib cage was what caused the bead to come flying out of the nose. (this was all done in view of medical personel who now are baffled by how i make it through a day)

I want to learn patience and all, but its only monday.

if this continues, Im gonna fake labor pains so I can go to the hospital and get some rest!

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joy said...

Or you could always leave them with their Nina!!