Thursday, March 17, 2011

whoa momma!

I do not like photos of me. I avoid being photographed. its because Im native american and itll steal my soul. its definitely not because every picture i see of myself causes an involuntary gag reflex.

So, unless you are my father in law with his stern voice on (hes a picture taking crazy man) you'll be hard pressed to get me to stand still long enough for a picture.

and that being said, the RAREST of all photos of me is the pregnant photo. there are a FEW floating around on facebook that my vindictive sisters post and tag me in. I remove the tags, they replace the tag....whatever. they think its funny. i think it steals me AND the baby's soul. :)

But i do realize this is my last pregnancy and i started this blog as a memoir for my family and kids so after alot of groaning and crying i decided Id post one pregnant picture for all my very distant family (your welcome dale!) and i also realize that one day ill look back and these photos will be the "gosh I was so young!" pictures.

I also want to encourage my pregnant friends out there. When you think you've heard every inconceivable comment about your pregnancy, consider these whoppers Ive had to smile gracefully through:

-what??! april 6th!! but youre enormous!
-well, I guess as long as you feel good it doesnt matter how you look.
-are you sure it isnt twins??!
-well, arent you a full load!

here's 36 weeks pregnant:

just a few short weeks left. :)


joy said...

You are so sweet! I love your tummy!

cphillips1007 said...

I think I see some pink tied on that crib in the background. So exciting! What are people thinking when they say those unpleasant things? You look beautiful!