Friday, May 13, 2011

ideaphoria and dollhouses

so, I have something called ideaphoria. strange, I know. I was "diagnosed" with it in high school at a testing facility in dallas. This is one definition of ideaphoria.
Essentially, I have tons and tons of ideas (of things to create) that inundate my mind constantly. Most of the time its something I manage. But when I am sick and laid up in bed and unable to hop up and create something Ive dreamed up in my head, boy, does it get to me. if this afflicts you at all, DONT visit the website pinterest. and whatever you do, dont search for things you like. dont do it.
Ive been flooded recently with ideas and because Ive been so sick and unable to do much of anything... its killing me.
So, I had an idea. :)
I thought maybe if I focused on posting one of the things I created my ideaphoria would subside.
its worth a shot.
This is my childhood dollhouse my daddy made for me and my sisters when we were kids.
I found it in the attic. this is a close up of the grodiness that i cleaned out of the precious dollhouse.
Then, my ideaphoria went into overdrive and I realized it would make a great book/nicknack shelf in coras room until she was old enough to play with dollhouses.
I think it works.
I also made the shelf its sitting on from parts and pieces I had around the house. The front green trim was the trim we salvaged ages ago from my great-grandmothers house. I couldnt bear to paint it so I left it the original color.


joy said...

Love how this turned out! precious memories!

Maria said...

This is gorgeous AND useful! Maria x