Wednesday, May 25, 2011

now back to your regularly scheduled program...

people have been asking me how i am doing. have i recovered? how do i feel? adjusting?
well let me start with,, I'll get back to you on that one...
feeling? I feel so much better. I am healing wonderfully. I had FIVE. 5. ef. eye. vee. eee. FIVE weeks of full time mother/mother-in-law help. it was a glorious thing. i am so blessed to have as much help as i did. my church friends delivered meals. my friends helped with the boys and i slowly regained strength.
The surgeries were rough but what took the longest to get over was the blood loss. It took about 6 weeks just to rebuild enough blood that i wasnt anemic(read EXHAUSTED) all the time.
I recently had ANOTHER blood test and heaven help us it was normal. (the only normal thing about me).
So, my energy is back, ive been up, working, cleaning, cooking, laundry-ing, creating, gardening, and generally just trying to keep everyone alive.
I have never been so humbled, so amazed, and so thankful to everyone who helped my family get through this. complete strangers prayed for hours for me. my friends begged God for my life and it has humbled me to the core.
thank you all for everything. and i do mean everything you all did to get us through this.
here are some fun pictures of the days we spent in "recovery-mode"

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joy said...

What wonderful pictures! A precious sweet family.