Monday, June 20, 2011

the fort

We did it. we finally build the boys a fort. and by "we", I mean tim. it was a beast to put together. it took five full days in 102 degree heat. we arent going on a vacation this summer and i have a new baby so we were desperate for something for the boys to play on and keep them busy. they absolutely LOVE the fort. we've added a bucket and pulley system. batman and the blankets ride up and down in the bucket all day.
so far, the fort has been a coffee shop. a toy shop. a pirate ship (this is the case most often). the imagination and play time is endless. perhaps i should book an advance reservation at the ER.
I soon will add a pirate flag and a sign. i think it'll Say, "find your inner pirate". its for the adults. the boys have no trouble finding their pirate. its us adults who struggle. enjoy the progression:


Jenny said...

love it! where did you get it (you can reply to my comment) from?

Can I just say you two make the cutest babies :)

joy said...

WOW - Tim makes it look easy to put together!