Monday, July 18, 2011

I journal

I have journalled as long as I can remember. I think it started as a way for me to sit still. In school, when a teacher was talking I had the hardest time sitting there doing nothing but listening. I doodled in order to listen. When I draw, paint, color... i listen better. It may not make sense, or it may look like bordom but it wasnt. It was focus. That understanding always helped me as a teacher. I had kids that listened better standing. or drawing, or fiddleing. I tried to understand behaviors before I jumped to conclusions. But now as an adult, I rarely have to sit and listen to speakers (except church- and yes, brian, i am drawing AND listening!) but my kids love to draw and it could be laborious if i wasnt joining in on the fun. I cannot leave a 3 year old alone with markers so when we haul out the art supplies, i get excited because I get to draw. or paint. or sketch. or glue. or cut. ok, getting excited and i dont get to draw today. :(
I have found that journalling helps my quiet times. I just cannot sit still quietly. unless i am drawing or writing. I write my prayers, or my scriptures. it helps me sit and listen.
I have journals galore. I have a prayer journal for each kid. i just write my prayers for that child and it over the long run creates a memory journal. my fears, hopes, cares, challenges, all recorded. One day when they are being a BUTT and Ive had it, I'll show them that Ive prayed for them all their lives. :)
my journals from this year:

I did find one helpful thing to corral all my pens, pencils, markers, etc... this was a diaper bag at one point for me. now, its a journal bag. it keeps everything easy to find, organized and "stashable".

here are a few of my journal/art/doodle/sketch pages.

one guess whats on my mind here:

I think everyone should have a journal. When you are gone from this fleeting life, how wonderful would it be for your kids and grandkids to have a record of your thoughts, prayers, hopes and dreams? I would love to hold my grandmothers hand writing and read what was on her heart.
So, if i love you, and i give you gifts on a regular basis, and it is always a new journal, just know, that i treasure your words and thoughts and dreams. And i believe your family would too. Sure, you may get a journal from me for EVERY SINGLE GIFT FOR YEARS, and no, its not because I'm dumb and forget what i give the year before. its because i hope someday you'll pick up that journal and just write.


Jenny said...


Those are so beautiful I love how you draw pictures and then write. I can't draw but I do journal from time to time (besides blogging which is also journaling, just very public!). And you're right how amazing it would be to hold my grandparents words in my hands.

Kelly H said...

I found you via pinterest for something completely different but I had to stop and read this post. I can completely relate about doodling all the time while listening. I did that, too, in school. Still do it today at my desk job. I have one of those monthly desk calendars and every month in astounded by the nonsense doodling all over it. I do it while I'm on the phone with people.
I think it stems from being creative. I always feel lik I have to be doing something with my hands. While watching tv, I make bracelets, doodle, try crocheting. I can sit through movies at the theater but I usually have my pursestrap in my hand and I fiddle with it the whole time. I really can air still!! I just like doing things. :)
p.s. I doodle at church too. :) on the bulletin. I really am listening though!!
You've inspired me to start journaling again. I always start and never finish. I figure if I take it everywhere I'll be more inclined to keep up with it.
Thanks!! Kelly H.

Kelly H said...

Forgive the typos. I did that on my iPhone.

Anonymous said...

What kind of markers/pens do you use? I think that the pictures are beautiful. Do you doodle first then write in your journal? or do you write then doodle?

suels said...

I use all different kinds. I like copic markers, and copic multiliner pens (they dont smear. And honestly, sometimes I draw first and sometimes i write first.
thanks! I have been thinking about doing a pen/marker post.... maybe soon!