Tuesday, October 18, 2011

down a ways

for the past 15 years Ive been passing by this abandoned service station

and if you know me, you know I cant resist. I had to stop and nose around a bit. I found that the price on the pumps was 31c/gallon.

and the place looked like someone had simply walked out and locked the door behind them eons ago. Not disturbed by anyone except rot and decay. the outhouse out back, falling down. the old ford pickups, sinking into the ground and a tree growing right up through one of them.

I began to feel a tug at my heart to know the history of the old service station. (read, uh-oh. here i go into the rabbit hole)
so i talked to a few of the residents of this old tiny rundown abandoned once railroad town. The conversation went a bit like this:
Hi, Im Tara Suel and I just love this old service station down the road, do you know who owns it??
Well, it looks like Melba Ray owns that property.
ok, can I call her?
sure you can. she lived here all her life.
(i eventually find the number)and call her. THAT conversation (rabbit trail) went like this:
hi, may I speak to Melba?
whos this??!
Im tara, Im seeking information about the old service station I believe you own?
No, i dont own that service station. Thats LLoyds. LLoyd. with 2 lls. he owns that. Now, I dont know him, but we lived here all our lives, and hes 65. Im 53. hes 65. dont quote me on that but he is. 65. yep. he got gray hair. He dont live here no more. He moved hisself down the road a ways. Hes takin care of a inlaw. I dont know him you see, but we lived here all our lives, and i seen him bout 2 months ago. down the road. hes livin there. he aint got no phone. he left that service station property some years ago. he lived in the house behind it. those are his trucks. hes one of the original families from here. jus like me. you might could call the boyts. hes kin to them. they live down the road a ways. thats not spelled like ya think. anyway, if they dont know, you could call lloyds service station in cameron. they kin. they might know. i owned a service station too. mine was better that lloyds. but i got sick of those bastards charging me all those damn taxes so i teached them a lesson! I plowed that service station into the ground. ha! no more taxes.
Ok, thank you for your information and kindness. Have a nice day.
and I hang up gently.
now, i want to know the history, and quite honestly, Id love to see inside the place, take more pictures, but at this rate. Im not sure thatll be possible. Cause Lloyds livin down the ways. And he aint got no phone.


Jenny said...

oh I am the exact same way, love old things like that, but not nearly as brave as you!! what a funny phone call :)

karyn said...

Hi, I'm wondering the rest of the story.... did you ever find out more about this fantastic gas station? I just love the way you write. You have a way of drawing me in. Many blessings to you and your family.