Friday, October 14, 2011

from the fires to the floods

I have been very busy. Sorry for my sporadic and rare posting. Im hoping to get into the rhythm of the year soon. September is always crazy for me. I travel all over doing really random jobs. I recently left Texas:

and flew to Massachusetts to work:

Then to Roundtop to work:

to home again. while I was gone my kids got really sick. and we found out one is EXTREMELY allergic to tree nuts and now an epipen is our best friend. like I said, life has been crazy.
Now, Im getting ready to do another random job-ish. Im selling some of my creations in a show.

those are a few of the things Ive been putting together for the show. One of these days, my life will slow down. Ill sleep through the night. There wont be weekly trips to the hospital, Ill sit on a porch and have an entire cup of coffee before it gets too cold to finish. one of these days....

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joy said...

Let me know when you slow down -- I'll join you for that cup of coffee.