Thursday, December 22, 2011

the rest of the story

So, some are wondering what the heck fire is goin on around here. Its always something. :) Since the end of September my daughter Cora has been sick. Just sick. always sick. ear infections, throat infections, bladder infections, and most recently kidney infection. She was born at a normal weight but we noticed that she started dropping off the scales a bit. This week she was diagnosed with failure to thrive. I cannot begin to tell you how much I HATE that phrase now. Seriously hate it.
My daughter is joyful, sweet, smart, fun, emotional. She is crawling, trying to talk, pulls up. She has met every age-milestone. Shes just tiny. Teeny Tiny. She barely weighs 14 pounds and is 9 months old. Now, there are petite people out there that wouldnt mean much of anything to. But Cora belle started out normal and then stopped growing.
She isnt failing to thrive.
trust me, she THRIVES. but shes little and has been sick. so, weve been on a quest to figure out whats going on. This week we did an ultrasound of her kidneys, fearing perhaps a problem there. BUT thankfully, we got great news:

Now, we have to visit with an imunologist to check her immune system. Then to a gastrointernologist.
We will figure this out. And Cora is beautiful, funny, smart and THRIVING. Her body just needs to get the memo. :)

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Margaret said...

You may want to look at GAPS diet. Hope she is doing well.