Sunday, August 19, 2012

This amazing town

last monday I went outside to gather the chickens eggs. It was about 12.15. I leaned over to look inside the coop and heard a sound. I heard a series of thumps. I got still. I listened. I heard, Thwump. Thwump. Thwump. pause. Thwump. Thwump. pause. Thwump. I straightened up and looked around. I waited. I pushed my sweaty hair out of my eyes and concentrated. After a few minutes, I picked up the last egg and went inside. I said to my husband. "i think i just heard gun shots." He looked up at me and squinted. I said, "this is what I heard." and i made the sounds. He frowned. He knows I was serious. He knows I know a gun shot. Ive spent my fair time at a shooting range. I stood there. We were both quiet. I picked up the little girl at my legs begging for my attention and I said, "well. Im taking Cora to the dr." I walked out the door and paused one last time. I couldnt shake the dread creeping in my veins. I got into the car and headed to the dr. I called my sister and had the radio on and as I was speaking to her i heard the radio sound the alarm. I waited and listened. I told my sister to be quiet. We waited together for the sound to stop and an announcement came on. "active shooter in college station. residents be alert." I said, "i knew it." and hung up. I called tim and told him. and we braced ourselves. Later we learned that Constable Bachmann, Chris Norcliff, the shooter, and three others had been shot. Constable Bachmann died serving this town. Chris Norcliff who was an innocent bystander, was killed. the shooter was killed by brave police officers protecting us. Here is how this town honored officer bachmann.

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joy said...

Amazing tribute. thank you for allowing us to see a portion of it.