Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My Password Log

Occasionally I have odd thoughts that pop into my head and float around just to bug me. Recently, the thought, "oh crap. what if I die?" then, no, not, "what'll my kids do? or How will Tim make it?" or anything reasonable. It is, "oh crap. If I die, how in the hell fire will tim ever log on to any of my accounts? access the bank? our photos? oh good lord! facebook! how!!? will he ever figure my intricate and insane method of passwording all those sites?"
Never fear. I figured out what to leave him. just in case...
and I was thoughtful enough to put a verse on it. for when he's sobbing his eyes out and trying to access flickr.
Ive added a couple different versions for you to choose from. Feel free to download and print. Just click here. If you can I'd love a link credit.
And why chocolate chip cookies? Because I think about cookies all the time.
or blank because you doodle better than I do!


joy said...

oh, I love this! Thank you for making my life easier!!!!!

Erica said...

I feel the same way! I Googled password log and it brought me to you! Thank you!!

Unknown said...

Hello, How do I get a copy of The Suels: My Password Log