Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My resting place

Sometimes when Im working I put my headphones in and listen to worship songs. Sometimes when I am listening, a line or lyric from a song just strikes me and I cant help but write it out.
Last night, it was this line:

Encouraging isnt it?


joy said...

YES!! Thank you for the encouraging word of God!!

Anonymous said...

What a "Blessing you are". I was praying to God right before I found you....and your message....and I was asking God to help me find the pages I happened upon yesterday, and they were prayers and how to pray them,from Declaring and Decreeing, to Applying the Blood of Jesus over my Family and Children every day...and I found you. I had am gall bladder out in 2008 and right before that time I had quit smoking and gained 50 pounds that I have not been able to lose. In the meantime my sister moved up here from Florida(72) and her husband(75) and she was diagnosed with cancer of the lung and just found out yesterday, of the kidney. She is to start chemo again this coming tuesday. Having said all of this I just wanted to tell you that you blessed me with not only your success story and gave me a diet to try, but your words from the Lord. I just want to Thank you and ask you for your prayers for my sister. Her name is Vanda Burke. Thank you so much, I DO Appreciate you more than you will ever know. God always leads us where we can be blessed and you did Bless me!