Tuesday, September 4, 2012

there's a choice.

Things I cannot do:

1. turn a map in my head. I have to literally place it on the ground and step onto it to figure direction. Which, makes for a difficult mapquest session.

2. make a batch of unburned toast. I burn it. every. time. I can be staring at it with an oven mitt on. And.... burned.

3. kick a ball straight. nope. never. I'm that girl who would do better to pick it up and walk it over to you.

4. remember movies. I can actually sit through the same movie twice and be surprised at the ending. i am a very cheap date. just rent a movie. any movie. it'll be the first time through for me. :)

5. sit still for any length of time. I have tried. I have been forced. I just cannot. I have to wiggle my leg, or shift in my seat, or mess with someone next to me or make paper animals.... anything. just not sit perfectly still. So, after lots of jabs from my husband in church, Ive learned that if I take notes it helps.

Which brings me to the point of this post.

This last Sunday Brian (our pastor) did an incredible job presenting James 1. I don't know what exactly it is (other than the Holy Spirit) but the way he delivers a message is on point. Never contrived, judgemental, haughty, or prideful.

wanna see? check it out.

and here are the notes I made while desperately trying to sit still.

so this week, I'm choosing joy.

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joy said...

You can't help the burned toast, you inherited that.