Sunday, January 27, 2013

Downton Abby

Downton Abby is, perhaps, maybe, my all time favorite series.

I blame my sister for getting me hooked.

Three hours until the next episode. I cannot wait.

No, I did not name my daughter Cora for the character on this series. My great grandmother's name was Cora. But I do love it.

Its hard after I watch an episode not to spontaneously break out into my British accent. Or say things like, "Don't be defeatist, dear, it's very middle class".

I absolutely love the characters, all of them, but you probably cant guess which is my favorite.

Go ahead, try. Just try to guess.

ok, I'll tell you. Its Lady Violet. Shocked? Maybe those who know me aren't entirely shocked.
I love her quit wit and how she says things like they are. Just whatever comes to that girl's mind comes right out of her mouth. {SOOOOO different than me....}

Here are a few of my favorite Lady Violet lines:

"Edith dear, you're a woman with a brain and reasonable ability. Stop whining and find something to do."   

"No guest should be admitted without the date of their departure settled."

"I don't dislike him, I just don't like him. Which is quite different."

"I'm a woman, Mary. I can be as contrary as I choose."

"Edith! You're a lady, not Toad of Toad Hall."

"Well, so what? I have plenty of friends I don't like."

Who's your favorite character? Why? Favorite moment so far?

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joy said...

Lady Mary Crawley is my favorite, she is such a lady and ends up marrying the man she loves, the second favorite is Lady Edith because she is a little bit of the rebel and does what she wants to do - not necessarily what the family expects of her.