Monday, January 28, 2013

My Super Heros

When we found out our third and last baby was a girl, I was scared. I dont know what to do with a girl!! I am a boy mom. I get boys, I know what to do, I can handle boys. But a girl!? My first question was, "does that mean I have to do BOWS???"
But as Ive gotten more experience with my daughter Cora I realize more intensely how very different boys and girls really are.
Let me show you:

GIRL- playing with her mimi, strapped to her in her "baby carrier" She carries babies around and changes her shoes constantly.


Now, BOY- playing super "destruction" hero. The face says it all, huh?


They are all super to me.

The cape is a batman/superman reversible cape from etsy. It has been one of the best Christmas gifts!

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