Sunday, February 10, 2013

Prayer changes us.

Y'all know I cant sit still at church, so I again, I took notes.

Today's sermon from Brian Fisher was incredible. You can listen to them here

It was about Prayer. He had some really amazing and insightful points. One thing he hit on was how prayer is a discipline. It takes time and effort to get out of the noise and distractions of our lives today. Hang on, my iphone is buzzing....

He noted in the end why it is we don't pray like Jesus did. He had four reasons. The one that stood out to me the most was #4. He said it gently, "We don't realize how much we need it." If I had been wording it I think my words wouldn't have been so gentle.

I probably would've said, "we don't know how desperate we are."

My reason is this: I never never never viewed prayer before like I do now. Prayer was a way of communicating and asking for something.

Never before had I been in the place where I didn't care about sleep, or food, or friends, or obligations. These things interfered with my praying time. When someone would say, "Tara, eat something." or "Tara, go sleep." I never thought my answer would be "no, no I don't care about those things."

I now know to pray like Jesus is to understand desperation. Jesus knew His situation in the garden was desperate. He knew only God could understand. Only God had any impact on the situation.

In my most desperate time, I knew praying like Jesus. To pray with every fiber of your body. For it to be more important than food. or sleep. or air.

I was desperate for my dad to live. God's answer wasn't yes. He answered No.

But I think in that desperate time, it wasn't just about pleading with God. It was about God changing me. Because in the most heart crushing "No", I saw His Glory.

If we truly understood how desperate our situation was, and how desperately lost we are without Him, we'd pray like Jesus.

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