Monday, March 4, 2013

How to create a color palette using Photoshop

There are many times I have a photo and need to create a color palette based on the colors in that photo. Here is a photoshop tutorial on how I create this:
First I open my saved photoshop color box. I have a vertical and horizontal version.
When its open it look like this:
Then I go to file->open->and I find and open the picture I need the color palette of. In this case I just chose a image of some vintage barkcloth.
Next I use my mouse and click and drag the top tab of the barckloth down an inch or two so that photoshop has both the palette form and barkcloth photo open.
Then I, using the move arrow, click on the image of the barkcloth and drag it into the center large box of the palette form.
Then I click on the barkcloth and drag it to the top left corner of the large black box.
Then I {Photoshop shortcut} click on the barkcloth image, click ctrl T (which makes it transformable) then holding down the shift key I grab the corner of the barkcloth by clicking and holding left mouse key and drag it until it fills the black box. Be sure to let the mouse key go first then the shift key- this keeps the dimensions correct.
Next on third layer down in the layer section I double click on the tiny black box inside layer 6.
It opens the color picker. Next grab the eye dropper tool and click anywhere on the barkcloth that you want the color to grab.
Continue this process for all the layers. Layer 6 to layer 1. Just double click on the tiny black box inside the layers section, grab the eye dropper and click it anywhere on your image you want the color of.  It'll fill the boxes below with the color you grab.
When you are finish, you will end up with this. Save it as a Jpeg or whatever format you need.
This is so helpful when working on blog layouts, interior design, any thing that needs a color scheme. I love it!
Here is another example using my vertical color palette form.
Here are the vertical and horizontal color palette forms. Feel free to save them and open in photoshop to use.
have fun!


joy said...

WOW - thanks for posting this!

Lisa Dillon said...

fantastic! a real life saver, thankyou so much for posting the templates....made my day x