Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Bible: viewer discretion is advised.

The Bible.
Have you been watching?
We have. And you know what strikes me EVERY TIME it starts? That there's a statement at the beginning. A warning.
It says, "viewer discretion is advised."
This actually makes me smile. And it reminds me of that line by C.S. Lewis when speaking of Aslan the Lion, ""He's not safe, but He's good".
Our God is powerful, right, good, and dangerous.
We are looking forward to tomorrow's episode.
The mission. This picture is from tomorrow's episode.
As I have become a mother, I have identified more and more with Mary. Look at her face.
That is her baby.
Her boy.
And her God.
What her heart must have been feeling is unimaginable. Remember this scene from The Passion of the Christ?
 My heart stops.
 My heart just stops.
As a follower and disciple of Christ, this Easter season is important.
It's holy. It's beyond words what our Savior did for us.

I love the reminder from Christ, "I am making all things new."

Even as He was being scandalized, beaten, and murdered, He encouraged US.
The ones that put Him on that cross.

I encourage you to watch tomorrow night.

The Mission.8/7 central on The History Channel.

I leave you with the song we will be doing tomorrow at church:

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