Wednesday, July 24, 2013

a royal baby.

You know what's interesting to me? As a person who is, as an adult, witnessing the first "royal birth" I can remember,  I am just amazed that this birth has captivated THE WORLD.

 Oh, I admit, I too, have been excited about the baby's birth. Curious, will it be a boy or a girl??? Oh wow! A boy!! I watched, I waited. And it struck me.

I saw the throngs of people lined up for days to see a glimpse of the baby. I watched them put announcements on golden easels.

Parades, accolades, flags, parties... it was endless the amount of attention this baby's birth has received.

Throughout this I was struck by this thought: and this baby is human. This "royal" baby is a normal, flawed, sinful, human.

Only "royal" because, somewhere in time, someone (another human or more likely humans) deemed it so.

But the actual King of Kings, the true royal, sinless, Son of God, was born in an animal stable. The stars announced His birth, the angels sang of it. The universe declared it, but overall humans (other than three wise men and some shepherds) did not parade, sing, announce, or celebrate the birth of the true Royal baby.

And the Son of God's birth was not announced on a golden easel.

He came humbly and quietly. The One to whom "royals" will bow to. The One to whom kings will bow, came very quietly. Very unassuming.

I find it truly interesting to view this birth through that lens.

Another interesting perspective:


scootingranny said...

Very thought provoking. Great post

joy said...

You are so right! King of kings.

Tonya said...

Wow. That is so right. The media and the rest of the world can become so enthralled with the birth of a baby while ignoring the One who is truly King.

Great post.